Cute Baby Photos

27 Jul

This is a photo of  my daughter at 7 months old, She is my first baby and as you can imagine I am as proud as punch.

The camera hasn’t left my side since she was born!

I think this photo is sooo cute! the poor wee thing has been roped into countless photo shoots, nearly everyday we have paparazzi sessions were I dress her up or just follow her around with my little Samsung camera as she goes about her business playing or learning to crawl.

My Facebook account is getting more like an online photo album to brag to my friends and family about my little angel…some family members have made the remark “Your turning into one of those mums”… yes you know the ones lol the Mum who thinks her baby is the cutest, the prettiest and the most talented.

But why not brag and show our cute pictures!! Mothers of the world put down that tea-towel and join me in flaunting our baby pics. I plan on sharing my cute pictures with those of you willing to be subjected to my posts and share tips on how to edit your photos so they look even more beautiful..if thats even possible! 🙂